Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TOKYO TIME: You just gotta do it.

Getting ready to head out for Tokyo.  All packed up, breakfast is done, drinking some coffee now.  Taking a few minutes to pound this out.  It's going to sound truncated and messy because I'm not editing, just writing.  No time.  No need to edit because really, I'm trying to put myself in the right mindset: don't think, just do.  Be fearless.  Work on instinct, and don't resist any emotion that comes along.  Allow those emotions to flow into my eye and onto the image.  Lift the camera and shoot at every opportunity.

David Alan Harvey is the wise, and I'm glad I watched this.  It's good to hear him talk because he says it like it is:

"This time yesterday I was completely bummed out.  I couldn't get all the elements together in my head...  So I'm totally prepared for the fact that this could be a big fuckin' failure.  You just gotta do it."

So here I go.  Doing it.  Scary as hell.  Exciting as hell.

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