Friday, March 7, 2014

Tokyo Travel Tip #4: eating on your feet

You gotta eat, right?  Of course you do.  So eat smart and have fun.

1.  The word conbini is a Japanese adaptation of convenience store. Here in Tokyo you'll find 7-11, Circle K, SunKus, and my favorite, Family Mart (I fucking love Family Mart. More later).  Want a quick snack you can walk and eat?  Go into any conbini and you'll see big warming boxes on the front counter.  In them, you'll find hot dogs, corn dogs (sometimes called "American Dog"), meatballs on sticks, steamed Chinese buns, and fried chicken cutlets.  It's not very classy, but if you want a quick n' mostly tasty snack, this will work.

2.  We've all heard about vending machines selling used panties.  Sorry pervs, we're not covering that here.  You will find vending machines everywhere, and they've got what you need.   Soda, fruity drinks, warm coffee, cold coffee.... By the way, if you enjoy watery, flavorless coffee, you will LOVE vending machine coffee.

3.  You've got a fried chicken wrapper in one hand and an empty can of shitty coffee in the other.  Now why, in this megametropolis, the capitol of a major industrialized nation, is it so damn hard to find a trash can?  (This is why. Thanks, Internet!)  If you have some trash you need to get rid of, you have three choices.  One: look for a vending machine.  There will be recycling bins next to most vending machines, and you can just toss your trash in there.  Two: Look for a conbini.  They often have trash cans out front.  Three: look for a little pile of trash, cans, bottles, or busted umbrellas that someone else has begun and tuck it in there.  Problem solved.

4.  Need a taste of home?  It's not hard to find Subway, McDonald's, Burger King, and TGIFriday's.  There's even a Wendy's in Roppongi.


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